Vignesh Anand

About me

It’s a bit uncomfortable to talk about oneself (Surely, am not the only one) — as I stare in to the void — however, this is a professional (semi-personal, maybe?) blog and I am a professional (I’d like to think so).

I love building products, be it for work or for a personal project. And when not building them, I find myself not too far from thinking about them. It’s quite similar to world building in that it exercises all the faculties that one has to conjure up an imaginary world for all of us to inhabit and interact.

I love art. Just enough to find myself dabble in it, mostly on illustrations. And when it comes to UI, I love rummaging around the nooks and crannies of the interface labyrinth to get the user experience just right. I often stick to the basics though. I am the meat and potatoes kind of guy.

Since the front-end largely dictates the user experience of a product, I love driving it forward, keeping it performant and compliant. However, I am a full-stack developer with an eye for design and a generalist who loves engaging in all aspects related to systems, marketing and analytics.

Other Interests:

I enjoy riding motorbikes — it’s solitude in spectacular motion and working out. Between podcasts and blogs, I have finally managed to snuck in some books — currently reading “Fear and loathing at Rolling stone” by Hunter Thompson.

This blog:

This blog will be mostly about products, user interfaces, javascript and the themes surrounding it. I am also looking forward to experimenting with computer graphics, LLM’s and computer vision, I will be documenting my results here as well as on X. You could follow me on X: @vghanand. (I will get more active on it, I promise!)

Hire me

I am available for hire. Please drop me an email at [email protected] or DM me on twitter/X.